What's in a Birth Chart?

A birth chart shows a blueprint for your life. What you do with it is up to you.

Donald J. Trump

This person's Sun in the 10th house wants to achieve social success and high standing. Uranus, the planet of sudden change and innovation, features prominently, and tells the world to "Expect the unexpected"... 

Prince Charles & Camilla

These two souls have the four major house cusps at almost exactly the same points on the wheel. This signals extraordinary unspoken, intuitive understanding between them. In synastry, this is a highly binding connection ... 


Venus conjunct Pluto at the Ascendant foretells the performer's physical display of beauty and feminine power. As with all Libra risings, she aspires to good manners and a refined sense of style ...

Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt

Emotional bonding comes through creating a luxurious home base. The two can enjoy exchanging ideas, but the sexual timing will be off. A surprising turn of events redefines the entire relationship  ...

BradJenn - Copy.JPG

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not at all like my zodiac sign. Does astrology work?

What most people know as their "zodiac sign" only represents where the Sun was positioned on the day they were born. More integral to who we know ourselves to be is actually the Moon sign, as well as the Rising sign (also called the Ascendant). The position of Mercury, Venus, and Mars define key features of our personality. The Moon's nodes, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and especially Pluto, all work together to indicate our true potentials in this life and where we are most called to evolve.

A session with Chart Life covers a lot more than just the Sun sign. For example, if you are a Scorpio who has never fit the pop astrology description of a Scorpio, rest assured there are many more layers to discover through a deep interpretation of your whole birth chart.

What's the difference between a Relationship reading and two Individual readings?

In a Relationship reading we discuss a different set of charts from the individual charts. These indicate in great detail how the people react to each other and the main themes that come out as the personalities blend. Sometimes how we blend produces surprising results! Relationship charts are extremely powerful and carry strong predictive qualities. In a Relationship session, we do at times discuss the individual personalities and life trajectories. However, if it's of genuine interest, each person's path should be explored in proper depth in an Individual session. So choose the type that truly resonates with your current needs.

Can I ask about a relationship in my Individual reading?

Yes. At the end of the reading, the astrologer is happy to briefly address an important relationship. Birth details (date and location, at a minimum) must be provided in advance.

Do you teach astrology?

Not yet. De Rui is in the process of putting together instructional material. Please leave your contact info at dm@chartlifehk.com if you would like to know when classes become available. Astrology is a wide field of inquiry, encompassing myriad traditions from Vedic to Hellenistic to the humanistic and evolutionary approaches seen in Western practice. As a starting point for self-study, books by the 20th-century eminence Dane Rudhyar can lay a firm foundation for those looking to orient their learning.

In Covid times is it possible to have the reading face-to-face?

Yes, as long as you have not traveled in the past 21 days, nor have you been in contact with someone who has traveled in that time period. Chart Life sessions are held at a discreet and comfortable location in Central, Hong Kong Island.

De Rui also connects regularly with clients around the world via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, and any number of conferencing tools.

How often should I consult an astrologer?

Consult twice a month via a Chart Life Membership if you wish to know, in advance, when cosmic forces are likely to present as ease or as challenge. This is particularly good for timing actions and intentions to be in better flow with the Universe. Relationships under stress also benefit from bi-monthly sessions. Consult at least twice a year to make sure you are living in alignment with your chart. Make sure you are working to manifest your own greatest potentials and not getting stuck in repetitive, self-limiting patterns. On or close to your birthday, it may be beneficial to cast a Solar Return chart and learn the main energies of the 12 months between birthdays.

I don't know my birth time. Can I still book a reading?

It is very difficult to get a good reading without a birth time, although certain relationship dynamics can still be visible and quite useful to know. If you proceed with a Relationship reading, understand that it will be a partial reading. There are some practitioners who are able to perform a birth time rectification by working backwards from key events and information about your life that you provide. For recommendations on where to get a rectification done, contact us directly at dm@chartlifehk.com.

I'm in need of guidance but can't afford your rates. Can you help me?

Yes. A lack of financial resources does not preclude you from receiving the important messages in your birth chart. Please email dm@chartlifehk.com to discuss.